Baby Wipes, Not Just For Babies – A Caboo Baby Wipes Review

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Ever since we had Little Man, baby wipes have been a staple in our house. There is a pack in each car, a pack in the diaper bag (usually) & at least one pack on the changing table. I told myself that once Little Man was potty trained we’d have to buy even less baby wipes until his little brother came along. Then I realized how many things outside of diapers baby wipes have been used for in our house.

  • Wiping up faces (hands, feet, arms etc).
  • A quick clean on nights we don’t have time for baths.
  • Potty training (don’t even get me started on how many containers of Lysol wipes we’ve been through too).
  • Wiping down quick messes.
  • Cleaning car dashboards (yup, don’t judge me).

The list goes on and on.

With another little one who made his appearance last week, baby wipes are on our list to buy for the next 3+ years. Generally speaking we stick to cheaper brands since we go through them in bulk. Recently I was introduced to Caboo Baby Wipes and decided to give them a shot.

Caboo Baby Wipes

What Are Caboo Baby Wipes

Caboo as a whole is a company geared towards making ecologically sustainable paper products that are made from bamboo & sugarcane. Their products are free of ink, dyes and fragrances so they are perfect for babies (or adults) who might have a sensitivity.

Their Tree Free Baby Wipes are infused with natural organic extracts including Chamomile & Aloe (Soothing), Vitamin E (nourishing), Gromwell Root & Honeysuckle (Antioxidants). 

Currently there are three pack sizes: the travel pack (30 wipes), the flip top pack (72 wipes) and the value pack (216 wipes). You can pick them all up on Amazon.

My Thoughts On Caboo Baby Wipes

I’ve never been an “all natural” mom when it comes to trying new products. Buying all organic is not my thing. Reading every single ingredient in foods we buy doesn’t usually happen. Often times I stick to the motto ‘the cheaper the better’. Needless to say, at first I questioned the idea (and necessity) of bamboo baby wipes.

Then we started to use them.


Caboo Baby Wipes

Three different sized packs are perfect for our various needs. Immediately I threw the smaller pack into the diaper bag. The other two packs were ready for the changing table. 

Skin sensitivity is something we haven’t had to worry about in our house. So normally the cheaper brands have always met our needs. I’ve come to realize that baby wipes really are one of those things that quality changes based on brand. Some brands have more liquid in them, some are soapy, some are thin and some dry out way too fast.

The Caboo baby wipes were much thicker than normal cheap baby wipes. Using them, I was able to get away with just one wipe at a time vs. the two that I normally would use for wiping up a face. Caboo wipes surprised me in how long they have lasted without drying out. Our diaper bag wipes pack that was opened three weeks ago and is still hanging in there as if I opened it this morning. 

Overall I’ve been impressed with the Caboo baby wipes and will definitely order more. We haven’t had any reason not to use them and they will continue to hang out on our changing table and in the diaper bag.

What do you use baby wipes for… outside of diapers?

Disclaimer: I was provided samples of Caboo Baby Wipes in exchange for an honest review. 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. Haha I never thought to use them for that! Wipes work for everything, don’t they!?

  1. We go through a TON of wipes in our house. We use them for everything…wiping faces, hands, spills. I also keep them in my purse, car, bathroom, living room…everywhere! We are potty training right now. Ugh. My twins have sensitive skin, so these sound great. I also prefer a thicker wipe so I don’t have to use a ton at once. Great review!
    Shann Eva recently posted…Party etiquette made Easy with Basic InviteMy Profile

    1. Wipes are amazing. I never realized it until I had kids and used them! Good luck with the potty training… we’re ALMOST there 🙂

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