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There is no doubt that making the switch from one kid to two has changed our routine (in a good way) and kept us on our toes. It’s been awhile since we caught up on what we are currently doing in our day to day lives. Looking back at the last time I posted a “currently” update we were about a month away from Baby B making his appearance.

Ohhhh how times have changed so quickly. So let’s catch up on what is currently going on in life.


Currently Obsessing Over…

Eating: After years (yes, years) of seeing it posted all over Instagram I finally caved and tried avocado egg toast…I am now completely addicted.

Drinking: I’m still in love with my Adagio Teas but I’m always trying to limit my caffeine. Decaf tea has become my afternoon obsession!

Wearing: Lululemon has officially stolen my heart. After discovering a few of their crop leggings and racer back tanks, I am obsessed and I’m not afraid to admit it.

Currently Doing…

Organizing: We moved on from organizing a nursery to just hoping to be caught up with laundry. Some day it MIGHT happen for about three minutes.

Reading: My amazing sister-in-law is writing another book so I got to take a sneak peek (slowly). Looking for something to read? Check out her first book here. I’ll be honest though, my kindle has been kind of lonely lately and that really needs to change.

Watching: This is Us, Designated Survivor and Madam Secretary. I’m always so behind on my favorite shows but I’m trying my best to catch back up. Each one of them is wonderful in their own way and you should watch them all.

Planning For: Invites are officially on order for Little Man’s 4th birthday. Say what?! I can’t BELIEVE he is turning four this year. Paw Patrol is our theme and I can’t wait to go pick out a cake with him.

Working Out: I never thought I would miss my treadmill but my morning runs are back! Each week I’m trying to get a little bit faster and make my runs a little bit longer.

Currently Thinking…

Loving The Fact That: With each cold day that passes, it means one day closer to Summer. Last Summer I missed out on a lot of the outdoor fun and I can’t for this Summer.

Enjoying: Watching Little Man and Baby B play together. Little Man LOVES his little brother and cannot wait until he can actually play more. For now he is the sweetest big brother and loves to help take care of him.

Feeling: Exhausted in so many ways, but mostly in a good way. Sleep is rare but I’m soaking up any extra snuggles I can get. One of these days we’ll get to our sleep milestones.

What are you up to currently?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Continuing to move one day closer to summer definitely gets me through many dreary winter days, too!

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