Currently… In January

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Currently In Assembly Hall

Winter finally hit for real in the Midwest and we woke up to single digit temperatures this weekend. Any hope of one last burst of warm weather until Spring is officially gone.  To be fair, I can’t really complain since we’ve had a very mild Winter so far, but it is safe to say I would much rather have the warm weather instead of the freezing. With Christmas behind us and Winter in full swing, we are staying inside for the next few months and enjoying a few things we currently have going on. 

Reading: After what felt like it took way too long, I’ve finished the Maze Runner series, more on that this week. For now my brain needs a complete mental detox. I’m speeding through Finding My Shine and moving onto Finding Our Balance

Shamelessly Addicted To Watching: All of the TV shows are back now that Madam Secretary & The Journey returned last night. Unfortunately that means that my Sunday and Monday nights are loaded and the rest of the week can be dedicated to college basketball. Downton Abbey, Biggest Loser and Bachelor anyone?

Rocking Out To: I’ve been listening to the Serial podcast as it comes up each week but for the most part my week has been spent with one of the mood stations on Spotify. If you haven’t seen those, I would recommend checking them out!

Drinking: I currently have jumped on the hot water with lemon and honey train recently and have been enjoying it. It has been a nice way to get water in without freezing all day drinking ice cold water.

Obsessively Eating: With all of the Christmas goodies gone in our house, I’m enjoying getting back to normal food and detoxing from Christmas. Although, Girl Scout cookie order forms are out….

Loving The Fact That: College basketball is everywhere! We’ve spent a lot of time watching it and have two games on our schedule this week! For those who are keeping track, according to an AP Poll last night BOTH Valparaiso & Indiana are in the top 25. Valpo is ranked #1 in the country in adjusted defense efficiency. Go Crusaders!

Laughing At: This cute, adorable panda… because why not on a Monday morning?

Wearing: Leggings and comfy boots! I finally got a new pair of boots since mine had seen better days. One of these days I will finally cave and buy a pair of Uggs, for now I’ll stick to the cheap boots. 

Knitting: I’m still slowly working my way through the Advent Scarf that I was knitting in December. I did finish a pair of socks this weekend though, so I was pretty happy about that!

Planning For: A few weekends of nothing. That sounds a little crazy but one thing I do like about January is that life slows down for a few weekends. 

Enjoying: The weekend my husband, Little Man and I spent down in Bloomington Indiana. A fun weekend, Hoosier win and a much needed weekend away. More on that later this week!

Not Enjoying: The fact that my thermometer says its 3 degrees outside right now. 

What are you currently up to?
Are you a college basketball fan?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. Definitely a good time to stay inside. It just keeps getting colder!

  1. I am such a slave to Uggs! I even got the slippers for the house! Cannot get over how comfortable they are.

    1. My mom LOVES the slippers and I’ve always wanted to try. I’m always scared to push the button to order online!

    1. Really? That is good to know about the Uggs! I’m always hesitant of the price but I’ve heard a lot of good things. It helps to hear more opinions!

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