Easter Weekend

We are visiting with family for Easter so I knew tomorrow wasn’t going to allow for a long morning run. Kicking off my run my goal was somewhere around 4 miles. I didn’t have too much of a route in mind but had a general idea of a 3 and 4 mile route.

Somewhere between mile 3 and 4 I passed someone on their morning walk carrying Starbucks. I managed to convince myself that maybe I could skip the second half of mile 3 and just go get Starbucks. The running gods had other ideas because within about two seconds I passed 4 groups of 20ish people out preparing for the glass city marathon. The guilt set in so I decided to keep going and aim for 5 miles! I was 100% shocked at my time! I dropped two minutes off of my 5 mile time from last week!

I feel like each time I run it is getting easier and easier to motivate myself to keep going. Well see what the next week brings!

Rockin out to: workout playlist
Sporting: orange under armor top & athleta capris

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