Friday Favorites & Candy Corn Leggings

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Friday Favorites & Candy Corn Leggings

Happy Friday everyone! I am looking forward to a weekend with my boys, some football with friends & catching up on cleaning around the house. I just hope the weather holds out this weekend so we can squeak in another weekend or two outside before the true winter cold hits. This week went pretty fast and apparently the theme for me was food. As I saved off some of my Friday favorites this week I realized that almost everything is related to food (or running). I guess it is a good thing that it is also Yoga Pants Friday, at least I don’t have to try and button a pair of jeans.

There is no question that my drink of choice this week has been caramel apple cider. As much as I wish it was from Biggby, I’m pretty content making it myself with local apple cider & torani caramel sauce. Stay tuned for my “favorite non-Biggby apple cider” recipe next week!

My afternoon treat this week has been hot chocolate. I’m not ready to admit at all that winter is coming but we’ve had a few days this week where it just called for a hot chocolate afternoon. I wasn’t a fan of the Starbucks Cocoa mix at first but I’ve finally figured out the right water to chocolate ratio. Has anyone else been starting to stock up their hot chocolate supply for winter?

Fit Mitten Kitchen posted a recipe for Spiced Matcha Latte this week and I’ve added it to my must try list before winter hits. I’ve never even heard of Matcha before but her post and the comments with it made me want to give it a shot.

One thing I did wind up making was the White Chicken Chili from The Lean Green Bean. It was more of a soup but it was wonderful and getting added into our rotation of soups for winter. If you are looking for something incredibly quick and easy, print out a copy! I put it all in the crock pot and we were able to enjoy it for dinner.

In between drinking way too many hot beverages and chowing down on chili, I’ve been randomly obsessed with grapes this week. They are not at all in season but for some reason our grocery stores have been on point with good grapes lately. I guess it is the little things that matter sometimes.

On an entirely different topic. Has anyone seen this video of Meb from FloTrack? All runners, drop everything and watch. I’m a huge Meb fan and this was a great episode! I love how he told his coach that he witnessed his first and last marathon… and never would run one again. Little did he know what he would accomplish!

Brooks Running dropped a sneak peak of the Adrenaline GTS 16’s they are selling in honor of the NYC marathon. I have 0 intention of ever running the NYC marathon but these shoes are so pretty that I want 10 pair. I love the concept and can’t wait to see the full shoe!

Last but definitely not least… I ran across these AMAZING candy corn leggings the other day. Halloween & my lack of fashion sense just got a whole lot more exciting. There is also a great pumpkin sweatshirt that might need to be purchased alongside these leggings. At least Little Man is too young to be embarrassed by his mom!

What little things made your week this week?
Have you ever had Matcha before?
Candy Corn Halloween Pants…. Yes or No?
What are your Friday favorites?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. I just ordered both… darn Kohls for 30% off coupons! Halloween is all set!

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