Friday Favorites

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Friday Favorites

Who doesn’t love Friday? After a little bit of a crazy week I’m always excited to plan out my weekend. This week has had a whole lot of life and not a lot of sanity associated with it. Thankfully I found a few favorite things that have helped make this week a little bit less crazy.

New Boots!

Technically I got these in the mail last week but finally had a chance to rock them this week. As someone who has never been fashion forward (or had any form of fashion sense) I never know where to start with shoe shopping. I’ve been wanting a cute pair of boots to wear with skinny jeans and leggings this winter. Finally I caught a good deal on Zulilly with the Reneeze Camel Kaya Fuzzy Collar Boots and I’m in love.

Then again, you get what you pay for. The klutz I am already managed to scuff them up twice, but hey for $20 I’ll take it!

Little Women

I set myself a goal this year of finishing 40 books & trying to complete most of, if not all of, the PopSugar reading challenge (which is actually 50 books). I’ve officially crossed the 60% mark in my 500 page book of Little Women. I love getting lost in the tales and stories of the March family. I was excited to re-read this book. The last time I read it was probably in elementary school and I’m pretty sure it was a kids version. The stories are wonderful and I find myself having a hard time putting it down!

My Personal Planner

Val did a personal planner review a few months ago on a new planner she received from Personal Planner. I had recently declared 2015 as the year I would finally get organized in day to day life & her review sold me on it. There has been a whole lot of “life” going on this week and without the ability to completely cover my planner with notes I wouldn’t have kept my head on straight.

Pomegranate Seeds

How was I not aware of these before? One reason I hate winter is because of the lack of fresh fruit available. I’m always on the hunt for something new. Someone recently posted a photo on Instagram with a picture of pomegranate seeds. I had never really paid too much attention to them but she had mentioned their health benefits. I’m always in love with trying new fruit. I went on a hunt. A friend finally told me to check Costco. I have fallen in love with a fruit. If you have never tried these before, you need to drop everything & go to Costco. They are a fruit game changer.


I have a love hate relationship with Pandora. This week it is a favorite. Do you ever have that week when Pandora just gets you? It might help that I set it to the “teen pop” station. Win.


Okay, it isn’t an “object” but the ability to borrow a treadmill to run this week is getting me excited for the next 12 weeks. I have signed up for & am starting training for the Owens Corning Half Marathon (as part of the Glass City Marathon races) at the end of April. After taking half of December and pretty much all of January off from running it feels so great to be able to clear my mind again. Now, if only this snow will melt so I can get outside.

What is your favorite thing this week?

Have you ever tried pomegranate seeds? Did they change your life?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. So glad the planner is working out for you! And congrats on signing up for the half marathon! I really want to do one post-baby, but want to make sure I give myself ample time to train. Have you done the Valpo V13.1 half in November before or heard anything about it?

    1. Thanks!!! I LOVE the planner! Saved my butt many times already this year! lol.

      I haven’t done’t he Valpo half. We stupidly did Dawn of the Dunes (two weeks before the valpo one) and I wish I had done the Valpo one. I’ve heard that it is flat but most of it goes down 2? It seems like that would’ve been a much better idea than one at the Dunes!

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