Handspun Success

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This summer I talked about how i “re-found” my love of spinning. It had been awhile since I had picked up my wheel and I was having a blast spinning up this brown, pink and white Intentions Yarns in the colorway “Hope”.

Well I finished the brown and white and my wheel sat for another two months because I really wanted to ply it with this Romney wool from a fleece named Frieda that someone had given me. Free fleece? Sweet! The problem was, it was my first fleece and I decided to process it myself… This was two years ago and no one had told me about the “picking” process in cleaning a fleece, so I kept sending it through the wash. I think I’ve washed the fleece three times between the time I started spinning and and am almost done with it. It’s been my learning fleece… NONE of the yarn from it is even, NONE of the yarn from it comes out to the same yardage, it goes from bulky to fine… but that’s okay…

Anyways, the fleece had me stumped. Since it has been over processed, I didn’t like spinning with it… it wasn’t soft to spin but I really thought it would go great with this intentions yarn and help me get a little more yardage out of it… I missed spinning… so I finally decided to spin 10 minutes a day… and see what I came up with…

The next thing I know, I had a 2-ply yarn 🙂

I have about 200 yards of yarn to be exact here. It’s about worsted weight, so I started digging through ravelry to find out what I can make with a worsted weight yarn under 200 yards. (I LOVE the ability to put in a weight and a yardage and it pulls up projects to match!) I found the Evangelaine Fingerless Mittens pattern, and I’m thinking it’s going to the top of my queue, right after the Christmas knitting is finished.

I have a small amount of romney left, so I’m going to just get it done. There is still some left over from what I spun here… I switched my wheel to be using the fast whorl, so I’m going to see where that gets me… that will be my spinning for the weekend, and maybe a little bit into the week… Next up is some beautiful roving my parents bought me in Alaska from A Tree Huggers Wife, I can’t wait to start it, my goal is to make it my first handspun sock yarn.

Oh and I have two posts of Finished Projects coming soon, it’s been a matter of photographing, and sitting down to write them. For now, there is some Christmas yarn calling my name.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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