Holiday Gift Guide for A New Runner

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Runner Holiday Gift GuideIt’s that time of the year, you can find a gift guide just about anywhere of what you should and shouldn’t buy. Are you shopping for a new runner? A new runner looking for ideas? Instead of the typical “what to buy for any runner” gift guide, I thought I’d break it down to some things I’ve found helpful over the last year as I returned to running & had to rebuild my stash of everything.

Warmer Clothes

Chances are if your favorite runner started running again earlier this year they don’t have a good stash of warm clothes. The tank tops and short shorts have been put away in exchange for a few hundred layers of clothes.

My favorite top is my new Nike Element top that my husband bought me for my birthday. It’s thin enough that on a fall day felt great but has been awesome as an extra layer now that it is getting cold. You can’t go wrong with compression pants or fleece lined pants either!

With the cold air lately, they would probably appreciate a pair of running gloves or fleece headband!

Race Entry Fee

Race’s get expensive. Really fast. Chances are if your new runner is signing up for races left and right they are adding up in cost. Sneak in and find out any races that your runner might be thinking about signing up for & surprise them with the entry fee or having them be signed up!

iTunes Gift Card

Lots of running means lots of music, audio book or podcast listening. Music can get expensive so an iTunes gift card might be an easy way out but something your runner would truly appreciate.

Gift Card to a Local Running Shop (If You Have Them)

We have a few local running shops and when I can I choose to support them in buying my shoes. Shoes are extremely expensive and depending on how often your runner is running they need to be replaced every 6 months or so.

Running Jewelry

Is your new runner extremely proud of what they’ve accomplished this year? For a lot of people it takes a lot to get started running & it is definitely something to celebrate! There are some awesome people who sell lots of jewelry on Etsy but I would highly recommend checking out BamaRy Stamped Necklaces as well. Lots of cool stuff & ways to support your runner. Just saying, I wouldn’t complain if one showed up in my stocking.

A Way to Display Their Accomplishments

Not sold on jewelry but want to help your beginner runner share their accomplishments? There are some awesome race bib holders on Etsy! A few of my favorites are the bib holders with medals, bib holders with ways to display a PR (personal record) & the bib holders with quotes.

Running Belt

Depending on where your runner is doing their workouts, there is probably a dilemma of where to hold their keys, their water, their phone, etc. There are some awesome running belts out there and I’ve had my eye on a FlipBelt for awhile.

Running Watch

Phones die, apps don’t work, signals die…. sometimes runners get frustrated with the iPhone apps. They’re awesome for starting out and a great way to track milage. As your beginner runner is becoming more of a seroius runner they might secretly have their eye on one of many Garmin Watches. Track miles, times & sync with Garmin connect. You’ll instantly be their favorite gift giver.

What is your favorite gift you’ve gotten as a runner? Any other ideas to add to our list?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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