I just want my home…

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Home is comfort to me… the last week and a half has been rough… and its not getting easier… nor am I expecting it to..

Sunday we found out Grandpa has a week or two left to live… this is frustrating and hard because I’m in Indiana and he’s in Ohio.  Leaving on Sunday was incredibly hard. I don’t know if he is going to be there when I get back on Friday… and he’s been saying things about going home for awhile… The nurse said that he probably wants to make sure things are “okay” and by the sounds of things I’m the one he’s worried about… So I’ve been reassuring him I’m okay…

Tonight I called and suddenly he had his voice back… Confusing the nurses but at the same time not necessarily improving. When he got on the phone he called me by my childhood nickname and reassured me that he was okay… I had a really hard time understanding him but I know he heard me… I told him a few times I loved him and he responded back…

I miss him… I can’t wait to go home… I just want him to hang on until Friday

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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