Grandpa Story

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I realized I haven’t shared a Grandpa story in awhile… So I thought it’s about time…

When I was in high school I had random afternoons off because of the way some of my classes lined up… So I would take grandpa out to run errands.. Most of the time we would go to Krogers (for Wednesday Senior Citizens day) but there were other places we’d run as well… The summer after my senior year of high school, grandpa was moving from his beloved house where he had lived for 50 years to an assisted living home. It was a long debate that had taken 3 years to happen but it was finally time, he just could not get around his home anymore and needed to be where someone could help him if need be. My dad finally got him to agree to move.  He was nervous about finding his way around the home so I would take him over every day to check it out. The first day we went over there one of the ladies who worked there said “We’re so glad you’ve decided to move in with us… etc” he looked up at her and say “I’ve been wanting to move here for years but my son wouldn’t let me”.

When grandpa was dying, the nurse who was with us and my mom dad and i were sharing stories. One of them was that story. After the funeral home took him away, etc. The nurse said “I bet he got up to heaven and said ‘I’ve been trying to come for years but my son just wouldn’t let me’

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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