I've Been Slacking

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BlogI’ve been slacking. My blogging hasn’t really been there lately, sure a photography post here and a knitting post there, but nothing to what I wanted this blog to be…Part of it is due to my blogging on Golden Tech’s blog lately. I’m saying a lot of what I wanted to say about social media over there. The other part of it is that I got busy and lazy.

Yesterday, I issued a challenge. So far we have 13 people joining in. Including @natfinn and I. What does this mean?

I might actually blog.

Don’t get me wrong. I wont post blogs just because I have to. I’m going to mix it up between social media, blogging, commenting, etc…

Getting this blog back in shape, there’s going to be photography, knitting, healthy train, and whatever else comes up. I want to talk more about my photo set up, why knitting is important to me, and dig into all of it a little more.

Interested and up for the challenge? I encourage you to join in. Realistically speaking the whole thing started because of a picture. A picture that involved some senior citizens giving a thumbs up. From there I was inspired to write a blog… I threw around ideas like “Are you hip with inbound marketing” or “are you too cool for inbound marketing” but at the end of the day, a challenge seemed to fit.

So, you in? It’s going to be fun and we’re having a blast already seeing where it’s going.

ps. this blog entry really has no point… just to announce that i might actually start writing more 🙂

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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