Maternity Workout Clothes For Working Out or Lounging Around

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Okay, I’ll be honest. I may not be the best person to say what maternity workout clothes are best for an every day workout, but I do have a few favorites that I’ve enjoyed wearing for “lighter” workouts. In other words…maternity workout clothes that have been great for pushing a stroller with a 35lb toddler up and down hills to the park.

For various reasons I’ve avoided running while pregnant, so when I purchased a few sets of maternity workout clothes they were meant to be for walking on the treadmill or once the nice weather hit trips to the park. I never intended to do heavy workouts, nor have I even attempted to run with them. Not only have some of my maternity workout clothes become my favorite clothes to spend the day in, but they also work for working around the house & playing with a toddler as well.

My goal with maternity clothes this time around was not to spend an arm and a leg on new clothes. I’ve picked up a few simple tops and some dresses for summer but other than that I’ve avoided spending too much money on new clothes. My first stop for maternity workout clothes was my go to for all workout clothes… Old Navy.

Maternity Workout Clothes

Maternity Workout Clothes From Old Navy

Maternity Full Panel Compression Leggings – I’m a huge fan of these leggings in non-maternity clothes so I thought they would be absolutely perfect for maternity. Unfortunately they have actually turned out to be a little bit of a disappointment. Instead of wearing the full panel I tend to roll them down. The full panel actually only goes just below my belly button and is really not all that comfortable. They are okay with them folded down, just not my favorite purchase so far.

Maternity Semi-Fitted Mesh Tank – No doubt, this has been my favorite maternity purchase so far. Not only is the tank top incredibly comfortable to workout in, but I found myself wearing it all day long and even sleeping in it at night. It works great with a regular sports bra and the solid colors fit with whatever else I feel like throwing on.

Maternity Go-Dry Keyhole Tank – Continuing on the line of comfort, this has also been a go to for wearing more than just for walks. Unfortunately it will show a regular spots bra in the back so if that is an issue, I would skip this one. I’ve absolutely loved wearing it though and will probably look for more of these in a non-maternity style next Spring!

Maternity Go-Dry Tank  – These are my favorite in non-maternity workout clothes so they were a must in maternity workout clothes. Another one that has been used for more than just working out. They’re great for lounging around in too!

Other Sources for Maternity Workout Clothes

While I have stuck with my Old Navy comfort zone in workout clothes, there are a few other places I’ve come across some adorable maternity workout clothes.

For Two Fitness – Not only do their tops look incredibly comfortable, but they are also filled with fun sayings as well. Show off your bump and get a few extra laughs along with your workout.

Ingrid and Isabel – If you aren’t a fan of the tank tops for working out (or everyday comfort) there are some cute tops that will cover up a little more from Ingrid and Isabel.

Motherhood – Another favorite for regular maternity clothes, Motherhood is always a safe bet when shopping online for other clothing. Their outfits tend to run true to size and what you see is what you normally are getting. You really can’t ever go wrong there!

One place I wish had a maternity line was Kate Hudson’s Fabletics. I LOVE their regular line of clothes and have been sad each month to skip as there is no reason to be buying new clothes right now.

What are your favorite workout clothes?
How do/did you justify working out while pregnant?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. These all look very comfortable! When I have kids I will def have to keep these in mind as clothes to wear for working out.

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