Paw Patrol Gifts For Your Favorite Pup

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Last weekend we celebrated Little Man’s 4th birthday. I still can’t get over the fact that he is 4 already! Last August he started trying to decide what kind of birthday party he wanted. This took a lot of thought on his end but he was really excited to have a Paw Patrol party. For the last six months, all we’ve worked on planning was his Paw Patrol party and his list of Paw Patrol gifts he was hoping for.

Early in February we were on Facetime with a friend and she asked him what he wanted for his birthday. Most days I would say that is a huge mistake, but of course he was excited to tell her in exact detail exactly what Rocky’s Tugboat was. I had never heard of the toy before, but thanks to his friends at daycare his Paw Patrol wish list grows every single day.

After planning and celebrating his party last weekend, I feel like I’ve become a Paw Patrol expert. He got many of the Paw Patrol gifts he was hoping for and I suddenly have many ideas if we ever need something in the future for another Paw Patrol party. While the party was overall pretty simple (I failed and didn’t even put up decorations), he had a blast and our house is filled with his new favorite Paw Patrol gifts.

Paw Patrol Gifts For Your Favorite Pup

Our Favorite Paw Patrol Gifts

Over Christmas, one thing Little Man had been begging for was a paw patroller. To be honest, I had no idea what it actually was until we ran across it at Kohls. He was a lucky Little man and did receive it for Christmas. As skeptical as I was, it is hands down his favorite toy.

The best part about the paw patroller is that it fits many of the other Paw Patrol cars that you can buy… separately of course. My favorite part of the whole collection is listening to Little Man send his Paw Patrol toys on a mission. He is constantly making up scenarios in his head. It’s safe to say we have the theme song memorized too.

Outside of the Paw Patrol figures, Little Man got lucky and received some coloring books and art sets. We are always looking for ways to get him to sit down and color, these have been perfect. Almost every night he sits down to work on an “art project” with his Paw Patrol coloring set. My favorite part about this gift… he has been sneaking his finished projects in my work bag for me to find in the morning. It is always a nice little treat to find.

Little Man Approved Gifts

Technically, Little Man wouldn’t turn down ANYTHING Paw Patrol if it landed in his lap. Here are a few more Little Man approved Paw Patrol gift ideas.

While his birthday may be over, Little Man is not shy to tell you what he would like next year.

Do you have a little Paw Patrol pup in your life? What are their favorite Paw Patrol Gifts?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! Paw Patrol´s recently become one of the favorites for our younger son (turning 5 soon), so now I know where to look for gifts for his birthday!

    1. Aww enjoy! It really is a wonderful show and teaches awesome teamwork! I love listening to Little Man play it!

    1. Paw Patrol is so much fun. I love seeing all of the other kids who love it as much as my little man!

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