Philips AVENT Night Time Pacifiers 0-6M

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About a month before our son was born I went to the breast feeding class at our local hospital. I was not completely set on “just breast feeding” but I knew I wanted to at least give it a shot and see what happened.

avent night time pacifiers

By this point we had completed our registry and had our baby showers. His nursery was complete and all we had to do was wait. My hospital bag was packed and I had thrown two pacifiers into it. I’m not going to lie, I chose the pacifiers I did because they had a cover that went over them. In my mind this made them better because they would stay clean despite everything else in the hospital bag. My opinion on using a pacifier wavered and I figured I’d take them as backup, JUST in case I decided to try one for him.

At the breast feeding class she was pretty set on if you give your child a pacifier he/she will not learn to breast feed. Since he was going to be born at the hospital this class was at I went home and told my husband, NO PACIFIERS and took them all out and put them away.

When my son was 5 days old we went for his first doctors appointment. One of the first things the doctor told us was to give him a pacifier. I told him I was trying to breast feed and he told me it wasn’t a big deal and some kids “just like to suck”.

So we went home that night and tried a pacifier (what a relief, he wasn’t as hungry as we thought he was!). I pulled out the pacifiers I had originally thrown in the diaper bag and they were Philips Avent Night Time Pacifiers. They were the only pacifiers we had that had an age range on them so I figured it was a safe bet to use these.

Little man took the Philips AVENT Night Time Pacifiers no problem and life was good. About a week later both of these paci’s had gone missing and I tried another one we had gotten from our registry. I thought it was cute because it said “mute button“. Little man would not take that pacifier regardless of how hard I tried. I soon came to find out that he only liked thePhilips AVENT Night Time Pacifiers and I believe it’s because it is the only one that truly fits his mouth at such a young age.

While he does not use his Philips AVENT Night Time Pacifiers more than 2 – 3 times a day (usually for a short period of time), I have gone out and purchased more of the same pacifiers. I don’t care that they are “night time” pacifiers, we use them regardless of the time of the day.

One of my favorite things about the Philips AVENT Night Time Pacifiers is that they have the “handle” on them instead of just the button. We do a lot of pacing around our house at night (colic, not happy baby, paci comes in handy). If he spits it out they fit right on my finger and I can carry it until I have a place to safely set it down. The bonus to it (and I’m guessing why it’s a “night time pacifier”) is that the handle glows in the dark so you can easily find it if it is lost in the crib.

No worries, they even have blue for boys & a gender neutral yellow. Another benefit to using these is that at 6 months there is a “new level” of pacifier if your son or daugther is still using them. They make a 6-18 month sized pacifier!

The Rundown:

– Rating: 10/10
– How Often Do We Use: 2-3 times a day
– Would We Recommend: Yes, even if you are questioning using a pacifier, have them as a backup!
– Where to Buy*: Amazon ($5.09) | Babies “R” Us ($5.99) | ($4.99) | Target ($6.49)

*Please note, all prices are as of date of this post, they are subject to vary.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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