Post Baby Getting Back Into Shape

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I am a few weeks out from baby and while I’m not able to start running or working out yet I’m trying to get a little bit of exercise in. Hitting my daily step goal would be nice, but honestly it hasn’t happened much at all. I decided to bring back my weekly workout blogs as a place for me to log my workouts and try and force myself to stay on track each week.

Slightly Different View On Our Walks
From Bump To Baby… Slightly Different View On Our Walks

Goals For This Past Week

My goals each week probably won’t change TOO much over the next few weeks. For the most part it’s all about getting back on track for me right now.

  1. Walk Three Times – Check!
  2. Start Building Up To 10,000 Steps A Day – Half Check. I didn’t hit 10,000 steps any day this week but I got close a few of the days. Next week wil be better.
  3. Get Eating Back On Track – Mmm not so much. Some days were better than others. Yesterday was a complete fail involving a burger, fries and chocolate milkshake. Once I cut the sweets I think this will get a lot easier.

“Workouts” This Week:

As of right now I can’t technically “workout” so my workouts are more of ways to get moving. Normally I wouldn’t consider a walk a huge workout but for now they are so much more than I’ve done in the last few months. It is sad, I find myself so sore after them in a “I had a great workout” way. I guess that just shows how incredibly out of shape I am!

Sunday: We didn’t really get our walks started until Monday but there was a lot of house cleaning and laundry that took place! 5,235 Steps.

Monday: 1.75 Mile walk with Little Man in the stroller. 8,274 Steps.

Tuesday: 1.75 Mile walk with Little Man in the stroller & Baby B in the Moby wrap. Trip to the park included. 9,045 Steps.

Wednesday: We didn’t make it out for a walk but we did make it to the apple orchard. Carrying around a baby in the Moby wrap has to count for something right? 6,996 Steps.

Thursday: I consider Thursday our “rest day” this week. By rest I mean it was laundry all day long and I never left the house. 4,745 Steps.

Friday: 1.6 mile walk. We were a little behind schedule and had to cut it short but managed to get a quick walk in. 8,880 Steps.

Saturday: Unfortunately a headache that had been lingering since Tuesday (thanks to that while not sleeping thing) really caught up with me. Instead of our walk I fell asleep and took an hour and a half nap. Oops. 3,785 Steps.

Goals For Next Week

Outside of trying to get myself to move more, I really need to get my food/water on track still. When I was pregnant I was drinking 128oz of water (one gallon) a day with no problems whatsoever. All of the sudden, I’m struggling to get up to 100oz of water and I know I need to keep pushing that.

  1. Walk 4 times
  2. 10,000 Steps A Day, At least 5 Days.
  3. Continue Start eating better
  4. Drink 100oz of water a day

It is time to start a new week… Even if it did start with Apple Cinnamon Pancakes this morning… again…oops.

Getting Back Into Shape After Having A Baby

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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