Purple Cow by Seth Godin – A Must Read

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Purple Cow by Seth Godin I’ve heard the name Seth Godin many times before. Recently I was flipping through a blog and came across a list of things to boost your marketing. One included “Read Purple Cow, by Seth Godin” The curiosity in me decided to order the book and see what Seth Godin is all about.

I am hooked.

Ignoring the fact that this book was originally written in 2002, with great content and Seth’s writing style this book fun and easy to read. As someone who rarely ever picks up an actual book, I want to order the rest of his books.

Seth doesn’t give you a direct answer on how to make a Purple Cow. In fact, he tells you straight out that not every idea will be a Purple Cow. that’s what makes it better. He gives you example upon example of other companies who have done it in the past and why they were successful.

While I originally found the book in a marketing blog, it is something that anyone in a company interested in product development can relate to. It doesn’t take the side of the marketer but shows how each person on the team can be important to the products result.

This book looks at the past and the future of products and “being remarkable” in your industry. With TV and print advertising becoming less and less popular, marketers and those developing products have had to find new ways to stand above their competition. Suddenly it’s not about who has the best advertisement, it’s about who makes the most “remarkable product”

So you want to know what a Purple Cow is? Read the book… you will not regret it.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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