Stupid Sick Stomach Flu

Just as I thought we were ready to be back to our normal routine after 4 weeks out of it… The joys of winter flu season struck our house. Knock on wood I was the only one to get it, but it wound up with us having another short week.

Little man and daddy were supposed to be having a boys day since my husband was home for MLK day. Instead of being able to enjoy anytime with them I spent most of it holed up in my bedroom watching old episodes of One Tree Hill (seriously addicting). Little man laid on the mommy guilt when he saw me and I couldn’t pick him up and snuggle him. Oh it sucked.

Back at work today and back to the routine, yet so far behind. I highly recommend avoiding the stomach flu if at all possible. It sucks and just causes way too many problems.

On the upside, I lost two pounds.

How was your Monday?

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