Upcycle Pillows With Some HGTV Inspiration

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Upcycle PillowsI’m not a huge sewer. Generally when it comes to making something I’d prefer to knit it. For my birthday my parents got me a sewing machine, so I’ve been re-learning to use it. While the pot holders I really wanted to make are turning into a fail, some other things have turned into a win. Not only have I been able to make some more knitting project bags, but I’ve also been recovering some pillows and making pillow cases.

For me, this is a big accomplishment, even if it means just sewing rectangles together! It’s harder than it looks!

We’ve had some pillows floating around the house that were either destroyed by some puppies or ready for a makeover. Instead of just throwing them out and buying new ones, my extensive HGTV watching paid off and I decided to “simply” try my hands at upcycle pillows.

This first pillow was the victim of a dog at some point or another. The stuffing inside of it is really soft and still in good shape. The cover, not so much. While waiting for fabric to be cut for pillow cases (for the bed) at Walmart I noticed some Chicago Bears fabric sticking out of the discount sale bin. There wasn’t much left, but enough to fix this pillow and possibly get a baby pillow out of it. When you can find “team” fabric for $2… definitely worth it!

The second set of pillows came with Aaron’s couch and have seen better days. The inside was still in decent shape so I just made new covers for them. Again, enjoying the discount bin of fabric, I found some black fabric that was just enough to recover both pillows.

We now have a roomful of pillows! I’m clearly not an HGTV superstar but it was a fun project in an attempt to upcycle pillows.

While sewing will definitely NOT replace my knitting, I’m trying to slowly ease into new things with it… Next stop PJ Pants! Wish me luck!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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