Sunshine Socks by Cookie A

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I got a little behind in updating with all of my Christmas knitting. Actually, I got behind in general with updating! The holidays got the best of me and I’m still playing catch up in some areas!

All of my Christmas deadline knitting was done by Christmas. I do have one more Christmas present in the works but it will get done when it gets done and I’m not too worried about it being after Christmas.

I took the easy route this year and I really only knit for three people. My cousin’s Christmas stocking, the Hitchhiker I am still working on and socks for my mom!

This summer on our way back from Stitches Midwest I told my mom to pick a pair of socks out of the book Sock Innovation. She flipped through and settled on the Sunshine socks. So, the socks for my mom are in the Sunshine pattern by Cookie A from the book Sock Innovation. The yarn was Perfect Day Yarn (Link to Destash, No Longer Dying) in the colorway Chocoberry Tart. They were knit on my Signature US Size 2 needles.

I can’t ever say enough good things about the patterns that Cookie A writes. I’ve knit more of her patterns than any other knitwear designer and I have yet to come across a pattern I wouldn’t knit again. (I’ve knit  5 or 6 pairs of Monkey socks!) The book Sock Innovation rarely actually leaves my knitting bag. Even if I am not knitting a pair out of it at the exact moment there is a good chance I will be again soon in the near future.

The Sunshine socks pattern was great and I would knit it again if I came to it. For now I am going to finish knitting my way through Sock Innovation and cleaning up some stash yarn!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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