SwaddleMe Cotton Swaddle Wrap Review

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Swaddling was new to me going into little man’s arrival. Other family members have swaddled their children but I have never been in a situation where I have had to actually do the swaddling.

swaddleme cotton

Someone recommended to me to add a few different swaddles to my registry and see which one best fits our needs. The general consensus between friends and family was that swaddling is great to sooth the baby but at the same time impossible to do tight enough with a blanket! We had watched the movie The Happiest Baby On The Block and they recommended to keep your baby swaddled for up to three months. With that being said we went on a hunt for a few different swaddles including the SwaddleMe Cotton Swaddle. 

As usual things didn’t get marked off our registry like they should have. We wound up with two packs of two SwaddleMe Cotton Swaddle wraps. Both were the jungle theme. I couldn’t be happier that we got four wraps total. A friend suggested returning our extra pack and just keeping one, but I couldn’t not tell you how many times three of them were in the wash and we were down to one!

We used these specific infant sized SwaddleMe Cotton Swaddle wraps up until our son was two months and one week old. The only reason we even began to move on was due to a suggestion from the doctor that we start easing him out of a swaddle.

The SwaddleMe Cotton wraps worked like a charm. After a failed attempt to master the blanket swaddle at the hospital, I was quick to try the SwaddleMe wraps out the night we got home. We wrapped little man up in them and he was content. In the two plus months we used these wraps he broke out of them once, that was the week we started transitioning him into a different swaddle, so I wasn’t totally surprised.

With four wraps we were able to rotate them in and out, so I would recommend getting at least two if not more of them. Little man sleeps swaddled every night but is usually okay without them for naps.

The only thing that I didn’t think about with the wraps was making sure to use the Velcro to put them back together prior to washing. Normally I would just throw them in the hamper and they go in the wash when they go in the wash, but I quickly learned that it is best to re-Velcro them unless you want to spend 5 minutes pulling the rest of your child’s clothes OFF of the Velcro after the wash.

When you are tired, running low on sleep and it is 2:00am the SwaddleMe Cotton wraps are a whole lot easier than a receiving blanket!

The Rundown:

– Rating: 9/10
– How Often Do We Use: Every night
– Would We Recommend: Yes
– Where to Buy*: Amazon ($22.41 – 2 Pack) | Babies “R” Us ($12.99 – 1 Pack) | Kohls ($32.99 – 2 Pack) | Diapers.com ($31.49 – 2 Pack)

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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