The Addams Family – Next Up on Broadway?

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The Addams FamilyMy parents got tickets to go see “The Addams Family” in Chicago this past weekend. I didn’t know much about the musical before going to see it. I figured I would be surprised and see what comes of it. I was surprised that they do not have a CD or a program of the musical yet. They apparently don’t make them until the shows go to Broadway. We had second row tickets and it was amazing to be so close to a great cast!

Nathan Lane and Bebe Neuwirth rocked the show. I would never have expected the two of them to come together to lead the Addams family the way they did. Krysta Rodriguez is a name that I hadn’t heard of before but she did a wonderful job playing Wednesday. There were so many scenes where Wednesday was the only person on stage not smiling or had to keep with the emo face, Krysta did such a great job of holding the role throughout the entire musical.

The musical itself is a story line I didn’t expect. I haven’t really ever watched the TV show and didn’t even realize it stemmed from a comic strip, but I definitely did not expect it to be a love story. The story revolves around the first time Wednesday falls in love and the family’s reaction to it. Without giving too much away, Wednesday’s boyfriend’s family is from Ohio and they’re “normal”. The Addams welcome them into their home and both families are in for a variety of lessons.

If you are close to Chicago I recommend you pick up tickets as many of the shows have already sold out. It’s only here for a short time but well worth the trip. The musical is on a trial run in Chicago and may or may not go to Broadway. After seeing the show last night though, I have high doubts that Broadway will turn it away.

One additional surprise, they never actually played the full Addams Family theme song…

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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