This Week In a Nutshell

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Well to be honest, the week 100% got away from me this week! It was just one of those weeks and the blog fell behind! I ran three times, topping it off with tonight where I forgot to take a picture. Doh! Since it was a busy week, here is my best recap of this week in a nutshell. 


First things first, we’ll start with my long run of the week. I have officially committed to running a half marathon on October 26th. The training plan I have chosen to follow starts on July 7th, so until then I am just working my way up in mileage. To be honest, this is possibly the longest I will do and since it’s only a few more weeks until the plan starts I feel pretty awesome about it.

This Week In a Nutshell - Sunday

Overall, I felt AWESOME going into this run. I knew in my head I wanted to do about 7 miles and I decided how to adjust my route accordingly. As I finished it up I was super proud of not only my distance but the fact that I really maintained a consistent pace. I stayed between 9 and 9:30 a mile for the most part and really felt like I had enough in me for a kick at the end. My overall average pace was 9:07. For someone who had not run more than 6.55 miles before, I was stoked!

This Week In a Nutshell


Tuesday night was gym night. I don’t actually have a consistent night I am at the gym. It really varies with the weather and what time I can actually get my butt out the door in the evening. I opted for some ab workouts, some row machines & a nice “quick” 4 mile run on the treadmill.

This Week In a Nutshell

Funny story of the night. Based on the time that I am at the gym, there are a lot of regulars. Sometimes I recognize them, sometimes I don’t. It tends to vary. It was INSANELY humid on Tuesday night, we are talking sweat dripping EVERYWHERE no matter what you did humid. I got off the treadmill and one of the ladies working out on the elliptical behind me made a comment about how humid it was. I told her I feel like I’ve never sweat that much in my life.

Her response? “Oh I am behind you every week, trust me, you sweat that much!”

Um, okay thanks for the awkward moment there!


I am doing a race on Saturday so I wanted to get a quick but easy run in before I got up and ran again. I am still getting used to the ins and out of my Garmin so I had a few issues on the tracking. Somehow I managed to screw up when I paused it for a half a second so I had to go back and remap my route afterwards. What was supposed to be 3.1 turned into 3.28. I knew something was slightly off but I kept going anyways!

I did a quick 3.28 in 28:03 and packed everything up for Saturday!

How was your run this week?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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