Valentine's Day?

It’s gonna be another Valentine’s day alone! lol… oh well! who cares! haha… Jk… Things are going okay.. I guess I just start from the beginning!

This week has been only OKAY cause Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I was stressed out majorly! Tuesday night, I was calmly surfing the web, when I came across this site for Paul and Morgan… as I started looking at the content on the site, it looked EXTREMELY Familiar. It was mine. Someone had copied content directly off my site. Lets say, I was not happy Tuesday night, all day Wednesday, and Thursday I calmed down a little.

I’ve also been stressed cause my math teacher has decided that we’re all losers cause we failed a quiz. (which is extremely stupid) She basically told us we won’t go to collage, be high school drop outs, all that fun stuff. I haven’t been to happy with her.

Gymnastics is going okay. My shoulder was bugging me on Monday so I didn’t go. Wednesdays practice wasn’t the greatest, and then Fridays practice was pretty good.


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