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In an attempt to get my blog up and going again (sorry for the lack of content lately) I’m going to try and do a weekly “what’s on my needles”. I’ve been pretty slow and producing anything finished lately, which is a big part of why this blog has slowed down. Hopefully by committing to updating the blog each week it will encourage me to try and finish different pieces of knitting.

So, I am introducing a new weekly (hopefully) blog that will keep things a little more up to date.

One thing I always have going at some point or another is a pair of plain stockinette socks. I started these around Halloween and have been carrying them around since. They don’t get worked on every day, but when they do I tend to make pretty good progress.

Quick Details:
Yarn: Three Ewes Twisted In Fiber (Link to Destash, No Longer Dying)
Colorway: Monster Mash (I think)
Needles: Signature US Size 1

I would like to actually finish these up in the next week or so, since I have a very pretty skein of “The Holly and the Ivy” Vesper Sock waiting to be cast on as my next pair of stripey socks.

My first “deadline” knitting has a deadline of around a year ago. (Seems to be a common theme over here at Confessions of a Sockaholic). Every year (at least I try every year) I make Christmas stockings for the new members of one side of my family. We had a new little one join our family last year, but in the midst of my crazy life I was unable to complete his stocking. Have no fear Cameron, your stocking is coming this year! The name was already complete I just need to finish the white stripe, a heel turn and a toe.

Quick Details:
Yarn: Red Heart (YIPEE!)
Colors: Red, White, Green
Needles: US Size 10.5

The last thing actively on my needles right now is a Christmas present for someone who doesn’t know what it is or when they are getting it. So with that being said. I will show you the pretty yarn and pattern it is making but that’s about all you are going to get for now.

Quick Details:
Yarn: Perfect Day Yarn (Link to Destash, No Longer Dying)
Colorway: Chocoberry Tart
Needles: Signature US Size 2

Until next week, what’s on your needles?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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