Well That Was Cold….

Well that was cold…. I had a quick few minutes last night when the rain stayed away, but before everyone was home so I hopped into my running stuff really quick. Since we are running a 5k race this weekend (my first in 10 years!) I decided to play it easy this week. I’m not really on a training schedule by any means but I figured I’d be safe regardless. I only had a few minutes before the rain came back!

I have a few different routes, so I went ahead and did half of my 4.25 mile route which comes out to be 2.13 miles. It was 37 degrees outside and kind of misting… In the end it felt a whole lot colder than it should have.

On another note, I saw this article posted on buzzfeed today…. 75 Thoughts Every Runner Has While Running. I feel like this is a totally normal conversation in my head on a daily basis when I’m running. Thoughts like these are also why I was having issues calculating laps… I over-analyzed it way too much! I couldn’t help but share the article with you.

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