Workout Clothes For Your New Year’s Resolution

I have a confession to make. I’m obsessed with workout clothes. In fact, I could live in workout clothes every day if the world didn’t require me to be an adult. Give me a pair of leggings or capris with an overside sweatshirt or running jacket and I’m all set to go for the day. 

A few years ago I wouldn’t be caught at the gym in anything but sweat pants. I quickly realized that a good workout wasn’t going to happen without the proper workout clothes. The obsession started there. 

Workout Clothes For Your New Year's Resolution

Here is the thing, having a pair of baggy sweatpants at the gym is going to cause problems while you’re using the machines. If you are running, using the elliptical or trying to lift weights, you’re going to spend more time pulling up your pants instead of completing your exercise. An oversized t-shirt might get stuck in a machine when you’re trying to lift weights or change a setting. The bottom line is, without the proper workout clothes, you’re going to have a rough workout. 

The best part about workout clothes…they’re not just for working out. As I trained for my first half marathon, I started wearing my running gear all weekend long. You never know when you had time to go for that long run each week. The tank tops got more comfortable, the leggings were fitting right and suddenly I was done with jeans and a t-shirt. My weekends are now spent in running clothes whether I plan to run or not. 

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My Favorite Workout Clothes

As you prepare to kickstart your New Year’s Resolution, it is important to have the right workout gear for you. Everyone is different and over the last few years I’ve discovered so many new brands and favorite types of clothes. 

Old Navy Active

Hands down one of my favorite go-to workout clothing line is Old Navy Active. This was my first taste of what real workout gear really is and I have been in love with it ever since. 

If you are new to the workout routine or looking to purchase your first set of workout clothes, I would recommend starting here. Old Navy Active is fairly cheap when it comes to workout clothes but is also very durable. Most of the clothing I have purchased from them has lasted me close to two years and is still going strong today. Coming from someone who works out 3-4 times a week, that is pretty good. 

My number one product purchased from them are the Go Dry Compression Capris pants. I own six or seven pair and I have never been disappointed when they arrive in the mail. Of course, you have to have a fun top to go with them. The Go-Dry Tanks are perfect and I have worn mine to pieces over the last two years. They have held up through two half marathons and various 5ks. 

Old Navy also has some winter gear with their Compression Leggings, Go-Warm Tech Fleece Hoodie & The Go-Warm Compression Capris. Speaking of wearing workout clothes all day long, how comfy does this Sweater-Fleece Tunic Hoodie look?


This summer I discovered Kate Hudson’s line of workout clothes called Fabletics. While it is a monthly subscription you can skip any month within the first five days want without being charged. While I would absolutely love to get an entire outfit every month, it really isn’t in the budget for me. I keep my VIP membership but I decline most months and only decide to buy an outfit if I’m incredibly in love with it. I have bought four outfits from them and have yet to be disappointed. 

Under Armour

This portion of my workout clothing collection is still growing. I’ve picked up a couple of favorites along the way though and I fall more and more in love with Under Armour each day. My biggest tip for Under Armour is to find it on sale.Dicks Sporting Goods often has wonderful sales and you can get a pretty good piece of workout clothing for a really good price. Don’t be scared of the price tag though, Under Armor is 100% worth it. 

A new favorite of mine are the Under Armour Leggings. I received my first pair for Christmas and let’s just say I was really sad to not wear them 4 days in a row. I also received two different Tech-Space Pullovers. They are warm, they are comfy and I wear them to run, but also to work with jeans. 

What is your go to workout gear?
Do you wear workout clothes all day long or just to workout?

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  1. I have never personally tried out Fabletics before, but I have heard nothing but good about their workout clothing! I’ll definitely have to try out their service sometime. 🙂

  2. I, too, love work out clothes!! I LOVE UA even tho it is expensive. I’ve never tried out Fabletics tho!

  3. As someone who keeps most of her muscle in the thighs and legs, leggings tend to be a bit see-through on me sometimes. Old Navy has a great line and is definitely worth the money (not that much). UA used to be a lot better. My newer pairs tend to show off any patterns that I may be wearing underneath. I tried Athletica and even their patterned leggings are see-through.
    Nicole recently posted…Day 68: One Week After Kona’s Heartworm ShotMy Profile

  4. I have a few work out tank tops from Old Navy and I love them! Under Amour is one of my favorite brands to wear when I work out. I agree that wearing clothes that aren’t crazy big on you makes for a better work out.
    Mistle recently posted…January GoalsMy Profile

  5. I honestly wear my Old Navy Active pants more than my Lululemon ones! They are such high quality and affordable so you can get them in 985798458 colors.

  6. Old Navy is one of my fave places to shop for workout clothes! Having new, fancy workout gear to get all kitted up in definitely makes me more inclined to work out. 🙂

  7. I LIVE in athletic wear – thank you working from home job! 🙂 I am a big fan of Old Navy as well, and I live near an Under Armour Factory store so I’m gaining more and more of their items. Now if only I could find a comfortable sports bra that won’t break the bank.

  8. I need more cute workout clothes. I tend to wear sweatpants a lot but need to get better fitting clothes for the gym. I love Fabletics too but not wanting to spend the money on it every month.

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