Let’s Have a Cup of Coffee Together – Welcome to Leggings and Lattes

Blog Life

Two years ago I resurrected my blog over on www.kristinlongacre.com. I had been thinking about it for awhile and I missed sitting down with my laptop and just writing down my thoughts. There was no plan, there was no goal. I just wanted to write again. So I did. 

Fast forward two years…I still blog (mostly) two to three times a week. I love it. In so many ways, I didn’t realize how much I truly had missed it in the two year break I took. Lately though, something has been bugging me. My domain, www.kristinlongacre.com has always been home to “me” or my portfolio. Launching my blog there, I never intended to keep it there long term. 

After lots of thought, I decided to make some changes. 

Find Your Niche

Jump on any blogging group on Facebook or really any post on growing your blog and the number one topic of conversation is finding your niche. In the past, I always decided that my niche was me. My blog was my place to think out loud, share my thoughts, etc. Why did I need to focus on one topic? 

Selfish, right? 

For the last few months I’ve been thinking more and more about my niche. My niche isn’t me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m my favorite topic (completely joking). I love writing about fitness, raising my boys and sharing a few of my favorite things. Suddenly my niche made sense. I’m a healthy lifestyle mommy blogger. Okay, in my head it didn’t sound that complicated, but you get the idea. 

I decided that I didn’t like blogging on www.kristinlongacre.com anymore. It wasn’t all about me, it was all about the friends I wanted to share my thoughts with. 

Welcome to Leggings and Lattes

One day while writing a post called Having Coffee With a Few of My Favorite Bloggers, it finally hit me. I consider my blog a few minutes of the day to have a cup of coffee with my friends. We can enjoy coffee together (latte for me) in the comfort of our yoga pants (leggings, please) and catch up on all aspects of life. 

Blogging takes place early in the morning, late at night or on my lunch hour in a coffee shop. Reading my friends blogs takes place whenever I have free time. That’s the best part about blogging, we don’t have to have the same schedule. Comments get read after the boys are in bed, blogs go live while the rest of the house is sleeping and my friends can catch up when it’s convenient for them. 

Care to join me? Please feel free to join the email list (on the right hand side), follow us on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook or subscribe on Bloglovin to our feed. 

What is Changing?

For starters, not much. Leggings and Lattes has a slightly different look with a much more functional backend template. The speed should be faster and the overall side should be slightly easier to navigate. 

If you look really closely you might see some posts that didn’t exist before. Two other blogs have been merged in during the last few months. Instead of keeping separate blogs for running and knitting, I merged them all together. They weren’t updated very often so it didn’t make sense to keep them separate anymore. 

The categories got a small overhaul and are slightly less complicated. All of my old posts are hanging around so overall things will stay close to the same. 

So, will you join me for a cup of coffee today?