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Source: ABC
Source: ABC

Hey, I’ll admit it… I tune in weekly to catch each seen of The Bachelor. Chris Harrison always claims it will be “the most dramatic season ever” and I have to find out if he’s right.

After a full season taking place almost completely in the United States, I feel for the girls. They didn’t get any of the good trips until the very end… but I guess that’s not what The Bachelor is about, right?


Whitney Meeting Chris’s Family

Whitney is clearly head over heels in love with Chris. Talking to his family she seems completely genuine and ready to get engaged.

The fact that Chris’s sister flat out said “I am going to miss you when you leave” is a sure sign that they are in love with Whitney too.

When Chris starts talking about Becca he seems to completely struggle in talking about why he thinks he likes her and should be with her. He seems to be completely torn on how he truly feels…. or is the whole Becca thing scripted because Whitney already stole his heart?

Chris’s mom is the best,

“Chris is part of her dream, what more could a mom ask for?”

Becca Meeting Chris’s Family

She seems happy to see Chris but is definitely not ready to commit. Did she miss the whole point of the Bachelor? Becca talking to Chris’s sister pretty much confirms that she’s not ready (then again, who is after 6 weeks?) but will long distance really make her fall more in love?

Chris’s mom really drills Becca and is giving her good advice, regardless of whether Becca and Chris end up together. His mom was the turning factor for Andi though too on the last season of Bachelorette. She put it out there and tells the truth!

The Proposal

I’ll be honest, I watched this before I watched the second half of the show before the first half. 90% of the time I never catch the Bachelor live anyways. This part I did catch and wow… in a barn?

Becca doesn’t seem there. She doesn’t seem ready. It seemed to be no surprise to her that Chris didn’t pick her in the end. Her face/his face you could tell that they just weren’t there. She didn’t seem disappointed, almost relieved.

Whitney, oh my goodness. I’ve been Team Whitney from the beginning. She is such a sweetheart. You can tell her feelings were there. She’s been the most honest about moving to Iowa and the most open about her feelings all season long.

As soon as Whitney walked up, you could tell that everything about Chris not being able to decide was scripted. His smile said it all. There was a reason Whitney got the first rose at almost every rose ceremony. Her reaction when he told her loved her was 100% priceless. Whitney clearly has been all in and ready to go. It was too cute!

After the Final Rose

Becca and Chris seemed awkward. Neither seemed disappointed not to be together. It seemed formal and polite.

Did anyone else get super excited watching Whitney come out and be so excited to be there with Chris. I found it interesting (and probably good) that Whitney only watched her dates with Chris and not the rest of the season. After the way he acted like he was falling in love with way too many girls, probably good for her sake.

“I don’t think anyone doesn’t know how much I love him because I didn’t say it every two seconds.”

Whitney and Chris together are so freaking cute. Whitney’s high pitched voice & Chris’s weird laugh they make a perfect couple.

I love seeing Chris’s parents reaction. It was clear they were happy that he picked Whitney, but really was there any question?

Jimmy Kimmel makes another appearance. He was great on the few episodes he was on but it was great to see him back. It’s nice to see more cross promotion than just Dancing With the Stars!

“This cow’s name is Juan Pablo. He doesn’t speak any english”

“It’s okay”

Ashley S on Bachelor In Paradise? Could be better than Claire’s racoon!

So long to the “most dramatic season” yet of the Bachelor. Although have no fear, we only have two months to wait until the Bachelorette…. or should I say Bachelorettes? The audience’s reaction told it all the other night… no one is happy about the next season of Bachelorette… Kaitlin please?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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