Downton Abbey Series Finale – Saying Goodbye To a Wonderful Show

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As expected, after six seasons our time with our friends at Downton Abbey have come to an end with the Downton Abbey Series Finale. Downton Abbey has taken us down a number of different turns over the years as we’ve seen the family struggle with the ever changing culture around them. As we leave our friends at Downton the idea of servants is starting to be phased out, new businesses are forming & women are figuring out what it is like to hold positions in the workforce. 

If you haven’t watched yet, you might want to go watch it now and come back. This post WILL contain spoilers.

Downton Abbey Series Finale
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The Basics of the Downton Abbey Series Finale

As we say goodbye to our friends during the Downton Abbey series finale the writers of the show made sure that we left with everyone on a good note. There wasn’t really any storylines left open and it set us up for knowing that Downton Abbey will be okay in the future. 

Mary and Edith both wound up happily married. Tom had started to show interest in someone new. Mrs. Crawley even finally decided to take the step and get married again as well. Each of the relationships we’ve seen in progress over the years have finally ended with our favorite characters happy. 

Cora and Granny finally put aside their differences about the hospital as Robert began to accept that Cora is doing a wonderful job keeping it running. 

Tom and Mary’s new husband had opened a business selling used cars together. Both were able to work outside of Downton but helping to maintain the estate with Mary and Robert as needed. 

As for the servants, Bates and Anna have their baby happily (in Mary’s bedroom). After years of their relationship being forced apart they are finally able to start their family. Carson and Mrs. Hughes face a slight road bump as Carson begins to have health problems but Robert works out a solution for them to continue living happily at Downton without having to say goodbye. 

Even Thomas ended up happy. After many seasons of being the bully, Thomas ended up realizing how much he loved his servant family at Downton and was able to return and fill a piece of Carson’s role now that he was facing health issues. 

We said goodbye to our friends in the Downton Abbey series finale on New Year’s Eve as they were looking forward to new adventures, new lives and new businesses. Everyone had accepted that the world was changing and they were going to move forward with it. 

My Thoughts on the Downton Abbey Series Finale

Going into the Downton Abbey series finale I was worried that everything wasn’t really going to be wrapped up in the end or that it would be wrapped up too fast. Over the years we have seen Downton Abbey skip forward a few years so I was worried that the short period of time they did skip would result in us missing key points. This was not the case at all. 

As various storylines have been wrapped up throughout the season new storylines have started. With the new storylines some were wrapped up in a way that you knew everything was going to be okay (like Tom and his relationship status) and some were wrapped up completely (like Anna having the baby). 

The one storyline that never actually happened that I really was hoping to see in the finale season was Mary and Tom ending up together. They drove each other crazy but it was obvious that they cared about each other a great deal. I really thought that after the last five years (or so) they would end up together. The car business is good and I was happy that Tom was able to do something he loved while continuing to live at Downton. 

As for the Carson and Thomas situation. In the end, that wound up being my favorite twist of the Downtown Abbey series finale. Thomas has come around a lot over the last two seasons and I was happy to see him find a way back to Downton Abbey. Carson’s medical condition was the perfect excuse for Thomas to move up and prove himself and find a new form of happiness at Downton. Plus, he is SO good with the kids. 

Overall I was not disappointed in anyway with the way Downton Abbey ended. Nothing was left up for debate and everyone was able to move forward with their lives. 

Did you watch the Downton Abbey series finale? What are your thoughts?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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