Without a Doubt by Lindsay Paige Book Tour & Review

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2016 started off great for me with a good number of books finished. Unfortunately I slowed down when things got a little busy around here. I have so many wonderful books I want to read and share with you that I’m excited to finally share a book from a recent book tour called Without a Doubt by Lindsay Paige.

Without a DoubtWithout a Doubt Synopsis

Emerson Montgomery loves his high school sweetheart, Kelly Price. He’d do anything for her, including agreeing to a break where they’ll see other people as he heads off to college. Struggling with the break and guilt over dating other people, Emerson meets Eva, a beautiful, funny, easygoing, and nosey junior.

Eva Harvey chose this particular college with the hopes of fulfilling her own fairytale and falling in love at the same college where her parents met. She does her best to go with the flow and simply see what happens, but Emerson simultaneously causes her to fall in love while making her second guess everything along the way.

There’s some things you know without a doubt. However, Eva causes Emerson to doubt everything he believes about his future while he causes her to doubt what’s right in front of her. Can they find a way to erase all doubts or will it tear them apart in the process?

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My Thoughts on Without a Doubt

Going into Without a Doubt, I had my usual thoughts in mind… It was going to be good, a little bit cheesy but perfect for a weekend read. It was a little bit of that and MORE! Lindsay Paige hooked you in by starting up a little romance between Eva and Emerson. Unfortunately they had a lot of things to overcome to figure out if it was going to be forever. 

The biggest factor, Emerson’s ex-girlfriend Kelly. I spent 70% of this book waiting for Kelly to show up on Emerson’s doorstep. Without a Doubt was written so well and kept the suspense alive through most of the book. It wasn’t until the end of the book that we learned the truth about Kelly’s decision and WOW I did not see that coming. Her love for Emerson was amazing and for that reason alone I recommend reading this book. 

I also loved the various connections that Eva had to Emerson without even knowing it going through the book. As various aspects played out I completely understood Eva’s fears and insecurities. That was one of the things I loved most about this book. Usually with a romance novel there is one major breaking point…Eva didn’t let her guard down easily and I think it actually made her character a lot more real compared to other romance novels I have read. 

Without a Doubt took us on a whirlwind tour through love, loss and finding new love as Eva and Emerson’s relationship unfolds. I won’t tell you how it ends but I will tell you to pick up a copy today!

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What have you read lately? 

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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