Gatorade Energy Chews & 5.29 Miles

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Today turned into an unexpected cheat day when it comes to food. By cheat day I mean I ate 3 giant cookies in a matter of 10 minutes and two mini subs for lunch. Ooops.

I’ve been fairly on point with eating well the last week or so, so I guess it was about time I fell down and went boom. While I enjoyed the cookies it definitely satisfied my craving for chocolate chip cookies and I will not be eating them again anytime soon. That’s a good thing right?

Anyways, tonight’s run was “Easy 45 Minutes”. There is a 5 mile run I have coming up in the next few weeks so I thought it would be a good time to figure out what a decent pace is for that. I aimed to stay somewhere between 8:30/mile  and 8:45/mile and was fairly successful with that.

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I’ve been testing out different “energy” ideas for the half marathon. A friend had recommended GU so I gave that a shot (no pun intended). After my 5th or 6th time trying it I felt like I was getting somewhere with it not tasting horrible. A friend of mine brought in a round of the Gatorade G Series 01 Prime Energy Chews so I decided to give those a try before tonight’s run.

To be honest I really didn’t know how many you were supposed to use & since they tasted pretty much like gummy bears I ate the whole pack. I didn’t necessarily feel the “burst” of energy I feel with the GU, but I also ate three cookies at lunch so there was probably a sugar crash happening as well.

I know I threw this question out on Twitter this weekend but I figured I’d throw it out here as well. What are your favorite pre, during or post workout energy chews/gels?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. Oh I will have to check those out! Thanks!!!

      Target is a dangerous dangerous place, you go in for one & spend $100….. leaving without what you went for!

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