Jelly Belly Sports Beans & A Steady 45 Minute Evening Run

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TGIF!!!!!! The week is over and a great way to kick of the weekend was a good 45 minute run. Tonight’s run was a “steady 45 minute run”.

I won’t lie I have a HARD TIME with the word steady. One minute I’ll think I’m on track at 8:30/mile and then my Garmin will inform me that I’m running 8:00/mile. Massive fail.

I mentioned earlier this week that I’m testing out different ideas for fuel. Because I would MUCH rather find out that certain things don’t work for me on a “shorter” run than a long run I decided to try out some jelly beans (Jelly Belly Sport Beans) tonight.

These do not come highly recommended from me! I’m sure others have had a much more wonderful experience with these. As a sugar junkie I have a love affair with Jelly Belly’s. I mean I could eat them ALL. DAY. LONG. These did not taste like Jelly Belly’s and REALLY upset my stomach. That is okay though, I wanted to try them and I picked a “shorter” run to do so for this very reason!

So question of the day, what is your favorite Jelly Belly flavor? Mine is the popcorn & I get made fun of EVERY time for it!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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