Green-Eyed Monster Socks

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Back around Halloween I decided I needed a pair of Halloween socks… I had some Three Ewes Twisted in Fiber sitting around and decided to cast it on. Somehow I managed to lose the tag for these socks, but I believe it is in the Ewephoric Sock yarn with the Green-Eyed Monster colorway…thus the green-eyed monster socks. 

I cast on 68 stitches and did an afterthought heel. They quickly became the socks that ride around in my purse.

As you can tell, the socks did not get finished for Halloween. In fact I think I was still on the cuff of the first sock on Halloween. Then came Christmas knitting that needed to be done.

My poor socks took a backseat.

I finished the socks this past Saturday and while I love the way they look, they don’t quite fit right. I have used the afterthought heel tutorial from TheKnitGirllls a few times and I never manage to make the foot long enough before starting the toe. I am determined to get it right eventually.

For now I stand by the “the yarn will stretch” mentality, but overall they worked great for the one day I wore them.

Green-Eyed Monster Socks Quick Details:

Yarn: Three Ewes Twisted In Fiber (Link to Destash, No Longer Dying)
Colorway: Green-Eyed Monster
Needles: Signature US Size 1

Happy 2013! What were you knitting at midnight?
(I was sleeping)

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. The trick is to forget about the toe and do the heel before you finish the toe 🙂 at least that is how I did it when I was afraid of doing the same thing on my socks. Don’t ask me if they are done yet…

    1. Haha that is very true, my next pair I can’t screw this up! It will be a bit before I go back to another pair like that though, a few other things to finish… My Vesper Christmas ones are pushed to the side until next year!

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