Halloween Round Up

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Halloween fell on a Saturday this year and this meant that it became a two day event for me. Friday was the office Halloween party & Saturday was the day spent with family.

Our office gets excited about Halloween complete with a costume contest. This year our department decided to do a little team building with a group costume. A few weeks of work, 7 cans of spray paint & a lot of hot glue later we were a group of Hungry Hungry Hippos. While we thought we were pretty creative, there was some tough competition so we didn’t win. It was still a lot of fun and we now have a group of hippo heads to display.

I also learned that my 6-year-old niece has no idea what the game Hungry Hungry Hippos is… guess what she is getting for Christmas!

I’ve always stuck by the motto “the weatherman is not always right” rarely does this fail me. As long as I don’t trust what they say, the weather tends to change by the time whatever event I’m excited about happens.

Halloween was the exception.

All week weather.com was telling us 90% chance of rain. For once, they were right. It was rainy, wet, cold & gross all day long.

This was the first year that Little Man was old enough to go Trick-or-Treating and have a good understanding of Halloween. He was so excited for his Spiderman costume so we decided to hop on our golf cart and try to stay as warm as possible. Grandma and Daddy sat inside (where it was dry) with Little Man while I rocked the back of the golf cart under my umbrella.

My candy corn leggings were nice and warm (even when they got wet) and we had a blast going from house to house. In all we probably stopped at 20 houses, but Little Man was having a blast. I was pretty sure he would get nervous and refuse to say Trick-or -Treat but as soon as he figured out candy was involved it was game on.

After our clothes dried out we went to visit with more family & let the kids run off their sugar high. Little Man had a blast with his cousins & friends while the adults had a great time catching up.

Sunday was filled with cleaning up the leaves in hopes that Fall will never end and Winter will never come. The reality is we only have a few more nice days to spend outside; so when a 65 degree day popped up after the one we had Saturday we were taking full advantage of it. Our yard is nowhere near ready for Winter but it was a start.

Have you ever played Hungry Hungry Hippos?
What were you for Halloween?
How many pounds of candy did you eat this weekend?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Your Halloween costume at work sounds so cute! Love the idea! I’ve never played the game myself but remember always seeing the commercials when I was little! I wasn’t so cute this year, as my boyfriend and I decided to go the scary route as The Purge couple! I love Halloween, and seeing creative costumes like the ones your work did is one of my favorite parts!
    Caroline S. recently posted…Sad to See October Go!My Profile

    1. Such a fun game, not just for kids! It was a lot of fun to make and I loved seeing everyone’s creative side come out! We’ve already started planning for next year! The Purge Couple, sounds scary!

    1. That is good you were able to get out of the rain this year! The costumes were a lot of fun to make!

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