Mommy Friends

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had various groups of friends. There was my gymnastics friends, my work friends, my school friends, my church friends, etc. Sometimes they overlapped but for the most part each of us had a various set of interests that didn’t overlap all too often.

“You’ll understand someday when you’re a mom,” is a phrase often heard by girls who have yet to experience motherhood. Sometimes annoying, yet accurate as I went on to find out.

Until I was pregnant with my little man, that phrase drove me nuts. I understood, I’ve been there, I babysat in the past. Yet, it wasn’t until I finally experienced it as a mom that I realized it really was a whole different world. I also didn’t realize there was a new, amazing group of friends I was about to run into. Mommy friends.



Why All Moms Need Mommy Friends

Mommy friends come from all walks of life. Their interests, backgrounds, jobs, etc don’t get in the way of the conversations you have. They can be the same as your church friends, your school friends or your work friends, but there are certain things you can say to your mommy friends that some friends might give you weird looks for. Trust me, I used to give the weird looks, now I’m the one holding the conversation.

Mommy friends are the kind of friends who don’t judge you when you show up in leggings & a hoodie with messy hair and no makeup after a long week. Chances are they are wearing a similar outfit. They’ll also hand you that glass if wine you have been looking forward to all week.

Mommy friends ask you the real questions about L&D. How long you pushed for, what kind of meds you had, how many times you got sick, etc. They won’t question you.

Mommy friends are the friends who don’t yell at your for texting them at 2am. Actually, they’re happy to have the company and conversation. Not only will they text you back, they’ll sympathize with your little one’s lack of desire to sleep.

Mommy Friends

Mommy Friends Really Are The Best

Mommy friends have conversations about pumping, milk supplies & your child’s eating habits all while enjoying a lunch break together.

Mommy friends understand why you hide in the closet with a bag of M&Ms and refuse to eat them in the kitchen where your toddler is playing.

Mommy friends don’t judge you for walking around singing the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song because you can’t get it out of your head.

Mommy friends share a recipe for their toddlers new favorite food when your toddler refuses to eat anything.

Mommy friends are the kind of friends you can text “I hope *insert kids name* poops today” and mean it with all sincerity and love. They understand that you aren’t wishing a messy day on them, you are actually wishing for their little one to feel better.

Mommy friends are the friends who you will be forever grateful for, no matter where you end up in life.

What is the best part about your mommy friends?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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  1. Yes yes yes!! I so agree! Mommy friends are so vital to motherhood. Someone who truly gets it.

  2. So true! I don’t know how I would have survived to this point without my mom friends. I texted them all kinds of crazy/gross/TMI questions in those early days, and I still rely on them for encouragement and advice.
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  3. The best part about mommy friends is that they totally “get” you. As you mentioned, when you show up late (again) with messy hair and a stained shirt, they just hug you instead of raising an eyebrow. You can ask for advice and no question is too crazy. Speaking of crazy, they are the ones who get when you are a little (or a lot) off your rocker! Motherhood is so much better with mommy friends!

  4. So true, we definateky need mom friends. They understand that I may not be able to make the playdate because my kid desperately needs a nap lol.

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