Pizza, Chinese & A 5k Workout

Lapping Everyone on the CouchWe have a busy weekend ahead so I decided to kick out my Saturday run on a Friday night instead. Since mother nature has suddenly decided that the Midwest needs 30 degree weather in May it was back to the gym & the treadmill.

I didn’t have a bad eating day today, I had a horrible crash and burn eating day today. The only kind of pizza I cannot resist is BBQ Chicken, and we had some at lunch today at work. With family in town tonight it was a Chinese takeout kind of night (because I convinced myself that Kung Pow Chicken is health…. it’s not). My stomach pretty much hates me, but I went to the gym anyways.

Really. Bad. Idea.

Okay, it wasn’t a terrible idea, I at least burned off a few calories, but the last two miles of my run were a little rough.

We have a new sign at our gym hanging up “You just did a lap around everyone on the couch.”

Yup, I did.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!

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