Super Random Run & Old Navy Love

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Gym SelfieI think I have a selfie problem lately. Oops. It’s because I’m kind of obsessed with Old Navy clothes right now. Last night I told myself it was okay to put away all of my winter running clothes. Go figure today it dropped to 49 degrees. In this process I realized that I only really had 3 pairs of running capris. OF COURSE that means I need one more. A quick trip to the Old Navy at lunch and I had a new pair.

I’ll be honest, I was 100% iffy on purchasing these pants. I have two pair of the Old Navy Capris (Mesh) & I am not a HUGE fan of them. I like them, but the fit tight around my legs and fall down off my waist. I tried on a size smaller (Medium) of the Old Navy Compression Capris Printed and thought I would give them a try. As you can see by the awkward gym selfie on the left… I kinda fell in love with them. The only other pants I have that don’t fall down are my Athleta Capris so I’m excited to have another pair that I don’t have to tuck my shirt into! I’m also kind of obsessed with the Old Navy Tank Tops right now too.

Anyways, with a crazzzzy schedule this week and a bunch of random life changes (plus a missing porch) this week is panning out to be insane. I decided to hit up the gym tonight in case I don’t get a run or a trip to the gym in the rest of the week. My goal is always 4 times a week, 4 runs a week or 4 workouts of some sort!

Tonight I decided I am too competitive. I told myself that it was a good night for a 4 mile run at 9 minutes a mile. After the first mile I felt pretty good so I decided to challenge myself to do two straight miles at 8 minutes a mile. For my fourth mile I averaged around 8:45 until the last 0.25 where I ran 7:45. Does any of that make sense? Yea, don’t ask me why. I got competitive.

Since I was at the gym rockin out I decided to get some lifting in since it had been awhile. My gym got some new machines so I’m really not sure what the Ab one was called.

Ab Crunch Machine: 3×10 at Resistance 50
Bench Press: 65 Pounds, 3×7
10 Bicep Curls Immediately Followed By 10 Arm Raises with a 5lb Weight: 3 Times

The whole time I was rockin out to my Workout Playlist, which has been updated.

I’m going to throw a question out there to those who are actually reading. What are your favorite workout pants?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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