All Sorts of Random Friday Favorites

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Do you ever have those weeks where you walk into them thinking it is going to be a normal week and then basically everything changes by Monday night? I can honestly say this week has been one of the most random weeks ever. It seems appropriate that my favorite things this week also fit with the theme of completely random. As usual, it’s always good to celebrate Friday with a little bit of Friday favorites. 

Friday Favorites

Random Food Friday Favorites

Since at least three things that made my day this week are food related, they should probably top our list of Friday favorites. 

A New Cookbook

First things first, I missed this big announcement when it first came out. One of my favorite Facebook pages is My Cupcake Addiction. Watching her cake decorating videos make me think that I have a chance of actually decorating cupcakes some day. Let’s be honest, I’ll probably fail miserably but I got pretty excited to see her youtube video about her new cook book!

Again, will I ever successfully make anything out of it? Probably not. It looks like a lot of fun to flip through and dream of what I’ll never make. 

Girl Scout Cookies All Year Round?
Did anyone else hear that Pillsbury is taking Girl Scout cookies into their own hands with Girl Scout cookie mix? I’m going to keep an eye out for them, but Thin Mints anytime we want? Game changer! 

Smoothie Popsicles

One thing I’ve tried to do a few times this summer is make our own popsicles. Usually I try and stuff them with as much fruit as possible. Little Man rarely turns down a popsicle (he even likes the Sour Patch popsicles) so I’m really excited to try and make these Rainbow Popsicles I came across this week. 

Other Random Favorites

Go Cavs!

We watch a lot of college basketball in our house but almost never have the NBA on. About half of my family is from Cleveland so when big things happen with Cleveland sports teams (almost never) we tend to pick up and watch the games. We managed to watch a whole 10 minutes of the NBA Final this year and it was the last 10 minutes. 

I’m incredibly excited for Cleveland and I think this video from Nike pretty much summed up the entire thing. There may have been a few tears watching it too. 

Website Love

I love following other bloggers and their progress over the years. One blogger I discovered back in the Fall was The Blissful Balance. She released a brand new website this week and her post about why she redesigned is a MUST READ for bloggers. 

What are your favorite things this week?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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