Sunday "Long" Runday

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Does anyone else refer to Sunday as “Sunday Runday”? I feel like trying to start a hashtag trend. Either that or I’m just REALLY behind the times!


Sunday Long Runday

Today was our long run for the half marathon training. After yesterday’s run in the humidity, I wanted to cry when I looked down at my phone and saw that it was 93% humidity at 8:00am. I thought I would be ahead of the game by getting going by 8, not so much. In a weird twist of events (both personal & lazy) I wound up pushing my run back until 7:30pm. I must say I never thought I’d be grateful for 77% humidity.

With the humidity & after feeling not so hot the day before I decided to take my new water bottle with me. I’ve been iffy on running with a water bottle because it felt like just another thing to add to the mix & get out the door with but I was glad I had it!

I can honestly say this run felt AWESOME and it felt great compared to yesterday morning. It had cooled off enough & there was not much sun left out so I felt pretty good the entire run.

The training plan said to “Run/Walk” 15 minutes, Run 30 minutes, “Run/Walk” 15 minutes. Originally I had planned on sticking around a 9:15-9:15/mile pace, simply based off of how I felt the day before. Once I got up and going though I surprised myself and stuck around 8:55 a mile! I was shocked. I decided to keep up with my pace as long as I felt good & it felt good pretty much the whole way. Somewhere around the last 10ish minutes I slowed down a tiny bit but still kept a fairly decent pace. I decided to pick it up again for the last 2 minutes and push myself.

In the end, I ran 6.74 miles in 1 hour at an average pace of 8:56. I will take it. Overall I was so much happier with this run compared to yesterday’s run!

I haven’t fully planned out my runs for the week yet but I’m looking forward to week three. It felt awesome to cross week two off on my calender!

How did your weekend go?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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