Why I Don't Do Fashion

We had a rare “dress up” day at work the other day. With the industry I am in we rarely have to wear nicer clothes than jeans. I had spent a good amount of time on Pinterest recently finding new ideas for outfits. I am so far from someone who is good at putting outfits together so I rely on other people. Let’s just say, fashion is not my thing.

I downloaded an idea to my phone and headed off to Kohls.

Pinterest For The Win

I managed to put together a similar outfit and was pretty proud of myself. I even bought earrings to go with it. Unfortunately I did not think of shoes. I spent 20 minutes before work Friday morning trying to decide to to with the flats that matched that would result in my pants being way too long or the heels that didn’t match but would hopefully keep my pants from getting all torn up.

I texted my coworker a picture.

Shoe Fail

We decided on the flats and I hiked my pants up as I avoided puddles in the parking lot.

In the future I’m just going to let someone else shop for me.

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