30 Things That Happened 30 Years Ago (October 5, 1985)

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What better way to start out a Monday than a whole bunch of random facts. The theme in my house for the day is the number 30. I decided to go ahead and pull together 30 things that happened 30 years ago today on October 5, 1985.

Please keep in mind I used the Internet for all but 1 of these facts, so I cited my sources where I could. If they are incorrect, please don’t yell at me.

30. The day of the week was Saturday.

29. A severe earthquake rocked Tokyo, the most powerful temblor to hit the city in 62 years. (source)

28. A bulk of the East coast had no power thanks to Hurricane Gloria (source)

27. A US Postage Stamp Cost 22 Cents (source)

26. The number one song in the us was Dire Straights Money for Nothing (source)

25. The number one song in the UK was David Bowie & Mick Jagger Dancing in the Street (source)

24. The number one pop song was Oh Sheila (Ready For The World)

23. Grambling’s Eddie Robinson (who?) wins record 324th football game (source)

22. According to Poke My Birthday:

An apple tree that seeded on 5.October.1985, bore 2,662.956 kg. apple till today. Its contribution to economy is $10,625.2 and it fed 4,468 people. We hope that in your life you, as a human being, achieved more than that poor apple tree.

21. Bacon cost $1.65 per pound (source)

20. Commando directed by Mark L. Lester was the most viewed movie release (source)

19. Lake Wobegon Days was one of the most popular books. (source)

18. A movie ticked cost $2.75. (WOW we are getting ripped off these days.) (source)

17. Ronald Reagan was president.

16. The Toronto Blue Jays beat the New York Yankees 5-1 to clench the AL East Pennant with an attendance of 44,608.  (source)

15. Nicola Roberts, English singer-songwriter and actress was born.

14. France rejected a Soviet offer for separate arms negotiations between the two nations. (source)

13. The Soviet Union evacuated nonessential staff members and families of diplomats from its embassy in Moslem West Beirut in the wake of the kidnapping of four Russian officials Monday and the subsequent murder of one of them.  (source)

12. The average US Household income was $22,100.00 (source)

11. Pictionary was the popular party game. (source)

10. According to What Day of the Week Is It:

A person born on this day will be 30 years old today. If that same person saved a Cent every day starting at age 6, then by now that person has accumulated $87.61 today. (Assuming this person is still alive and kicking)

09. Hulk Hogan (c) defeated Nikolai Volkoff (source)

08. Transformers was a close second. (source)

07. Growing Pains was the most popular TV series released in 1985. (source)

06. A gallon of gas cost $1.17 (source)

05. The Chicago Cubs lost to the St. Louis Cardinals 7-1 (source)

04. According to ABC News October 5 (as of 2011) is the most popular birthday of the year with almost 1 million American’s sharing the birthday.

03. The high for the day in Toledo, OH was 52 °F.

02. Cabbage Patch Kids was the most popular kids toy. (source)

01. This cute little face graced the world with her presence for the first time.

Happy Birthday To Me

Oh wait… that’s me. 😉

Cheers to turning 30, now let’s go eat some cake.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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