36 Hours & Lots of Rambling

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Am I being dramatic? I mean it’s no marathon, but it’s half of one right?

Eeks! This week has been crazy and I am so excited but we are officially 36 hours away from the half marathon.


Four months of training.

Four months of long runs.

Four months of icing.

Four months of foam rolling.

Four months of counting down.


Maybe I am being dramatic.

My last run was this past Sunday. As for the month of October I’ve been focusing more on my long runs and spending my week doing a little bit of cross training here and there but mainly on resting. My IT band has been acting up still on my long runs and I’ve promised myself that after the half I’ll go see a doctor.


My run felt great. I’ve decided that if I stick around a 9:15/9:20 mile pace I should be okay to keep my knee going strong. The runs that I’ve been having more problems with are when I speed it up.

Going into the half I’ve said all along I do not want to set a time goal. In the back of my head I would love to finish somewhere around 2 hours but I WILL NOT be disappointed if I am over it.

It is my first half marathon and I want to enjoy the experience.

Plus I’m hoping it will result in me running another one in the future.

The training is done, I know that I can push through it, it is just a matter of getting to the start line now.

Oh plus there is an expo and that means free stuff right?

I’ll check back in on the other side of 13.1.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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