53 Degrees in December…. What?!

Most days lately I’m layering up and trying to convince myself I’ll warm up when I get outside.

I had a nice surprise today, 53 degrees on December 14th…. IN THE MIDWEST!

If I could order up perfect running weather year round, this is what it would be. It felt so good to just get up and going. I stupidly thought I would need gloves and even threw on an extra layer for wind. Who was I kidding?

Way over dressed!

By the end my sleeves were rolled up and I had my gloves tucked away.

I even got to wear my favorite Old Navy Compression Capris today! I’ve missed running in capris. Jacket is from New Balance (Similar).

I’m fighting off a cold/cough but couldn’t resist running in this weather. I really had no plans other than to destress my mind so 5 miles is what happened. I was at 4.9 when I got to the end so I added an extra loop around the block to hit 5. Do you ever do that?

What is your ideal running weather?

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