6 Shows I Would Love To Binge Watch On Netflix

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Every once and a blue moon I’ll sit down and work my way through a TV series. Usually that blue moon involves snow, a sick day or kids taking an extra long nap when chores are caught up. Sometimes you just have to treat yourself to that downtime. It has been awhile since I’ve had a good show to binge watch on Netflix.

My list has been growing over the last few years and one of these days I’m going to work my way through it. I really believe that it will happen…someday.

For now I have a long list of TV shows I need to catch up on that are not on Netflix. For example, I’m pretty sure I’m the only person who has not seen the second half of the first season of This Is Us. I promise, I’m getting there. Designated Survivor and Madam Secretary have my immediate attention… which means an hour here and there on Saturday mornings before Little Man takes over.

About that Netflix list….

6 Shows To Binge Watch On Netflix

Older Shows To Binge Watch on Netflix

Orange Is the New Black

Every ounce of me wanted to jump on the Orange is the New Black train when it first came out. So many friends and coworkers told me what an amazing show it was. It was one of the original shows that was popular to binge watch on Netflix. I should have started it then. Unfortunately I did not and never have had a chance to catch up.


I work in internet marketing. I’ve ready many articles that have actually referenced this show to make a point related to my job. It was even mentioned in a training I went to. Not only do I feel like it would help me understand these articles better, I’m also a marketing nerd who loves anything marketing related. Madmen has been on the top of my list for awhile and I really can’t wait to watch it.

Pretty Little Liars

I’ll be honest, I know this show is still currently on TV but I have heard nothing but good things about it. The premise of the show sounds interesting and I feel like I need to catch up on it so I can keep up with the cool crowd. That’s totally normal, right?

Newer Shows To Binge Watch on Netflix

Fuller House Season 2

Yup, you can judge me all you want but Fuller House season 2 is still on my list. Fuller House season 1 was exactly what I expected it to be. We laughed with the Tanner family, we cried, we took a long walk down memory lane. One of these weekends I can’t wait to speed through season 2 and get caught up in time for season 3.

Grace and Frankie

When I first started seeing the commercials for Grace and Frankie it immediately went on my list of shows to binge watch on Netflix. Unfortunately it has stayed there a lot longer than I intended. I’ve heard a lot of great reviews and it sounds like a show that is right up my alley.


Technically speaking I started watching GirlBoss over the weekend. The show came out on Friday and I made it about 1.25 episodes in before I realized having it on in the background was probably not a good idea. GirlBoss contains A LOT of language but I loved it regardless. I fully intend to finish this one first…AFTER the boys are in bed. I absolutely loved the book #GIRLBOSS and even though she filed for bankruptcy Sophia Amoruso has started something pretty spectacular.

What Shows Would You Recommend I Binge Watch on Netflix?

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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    1. I said the same thing!!! Then I went back and watched the original, YUP still cheesy!! I loved it in the worst way hahaha!

  1. Oh I’ve been looking for a new show to binge watch (by myself) and definitely want to check out Girlboss!!

  2. I think you’ll definitely enjoy Orange is the New Black and Mad Men! Also, if you have Amazon Prime, check out The Americans, too. It’s my favorite show right now.
    Rose recently posted…Daffodils EverywhereMy Profile

  3. I am horribly addicted to binge-watching Tv shows. In fact, I often will not watch new shows until they have at least 2 seasons that I can watch over the course of a week. LOL Awesome list!

  4. That’s a pretty good list!
    My kids refuse to nap unless I lay next to them so that’s become my Netflix time 😉
    I started with Jane the Virgin, just finished Greenleaf and now I’m about to start 13 Reasons Why.
    Yay for nap time!

  5. Thanks for this list! I definitely need to add them to my series list. I’m currently lost in This is US and I literally have to watch each episode with tissues in my hand.

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