9 Minute Mile!

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Slowly I have been setting goals for myself as I run. Today was to run around 18 minutes for my two mile run. I’m going to call 18:04 an accomplishment! I do not run with my phone so I tend to start the watch, run & hurry back to my jacket as I finish to stop it. So I’m going with assuming I hit a 9 minute mile! I have also convince myself to order a watch tonight!

Back from vacation and into the routine of things. I have 8 days left of the fitness contest at work and I *think* I am in second but extremely close to first. I am fighting for it I decided!

Today’s workout:
2 mile run (18:04 – 331 calories)
Rows (10:00 – 110 calories)
Lat pull down 3 sets of 10 @ resistance 30
Overhead press: 3 sets of 10 @ resistance 30
Ab crunch: 50 reps of resistance 70
Reverse crunches : 20

I haven’t done my 30 day challenges yet but I will at home tonight!

Sportin: my kick ass new running pants from Athleta (review coming soon, I scored an awesome deal on them and I want 50 more pairs!!) & my green tek gear top
Rockin out to: second half of my workout playlist. I need to shuffle some of these songs around! I am missing some good ones!

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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