Athleta Bare to Run Knicker Capri Pants Review

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Bare To RunI recently ran into a slight problem.When my husband and I joined our gym in early December I was around 170 pounds. My pants size was 12 (women’s)/13 (juniors, ha!). I had bought a few pairs of workout pants and of course my old school capri pants which I talk about often. I have purchased a few pair of pants and have been working my way through them. Fortunately, but unfortunately, my pants no longer fit very well! I now am wearing a size 10 (women’s) and 11 (junior’s), unless you count Old Navy where I now wear a size 8!

When I run I have to tuck my shirt in on all pair of pants except for my old school capri pants (drawstring for the win!). My jockey pants are too big and are falling down and a recent pair of tek gear pants I bought no longer fit. Whoops! I’ve never felt comfortable enough to wear the tighter spandex pants, until now.

Two weeks ago my daily Zulilly email came through and there was a set of workout clothes. Generally speaking Zulilly is dangerous for me, I tend to want EVERYTHING. This time there happened to be an awesome deal and to me was worth checking out.

Athleta Bare to Run Knicker Capri Pants were on sale for $34.99, originally $58.99. I ran with it and thought what the heck at this point. As long as they didn’t fall down they had to be better than what I was using!

O M G I am IN LOVE with these pants! They are so incredibly comfortable & I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE wearing them. I told my husband I wish I ordered 30 more pair. I could easily see myself spending all summer wearing these pants whether I was working out or not.

I ordered a size large in the black color. I honestly do not see any other colors available on their website so I am assuming that is the only color available. They fit incredibly well. I love that they  have a little bit of reflectors on the sides so if I do start to run when it is getting closer to dark out, they will have a little bit of reflection.

One of the cool features of these pants is that there is also a zipper pocket on the back that is just about the right size for a cell phone. While running a 5k if you want to carry your phone without carrying it in your hand, it will be very handy to have. Although I’m not too sure how comfortable it would be running that way. I feel like I need to try it sometime though.

With the comfortable fit, I also feel like they make me look a little skinnier (mind games, I’m sure). They not only boosted my comfort but boosted my confidence a little bit.

These pants were a win, win, win in my book. If you check out the Athleta website right now (at the time of this post) they are on sale for $29.99. Unfortunately XL and S are left. I will be stalking it for when more sizes come back in stock. I would like a pair for every day of the week.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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