A New Milestone – Walking Baby

Yesterday we hit another milestone, little man took his first steps without assistance!

About two months ago, very soon after he learned to crawl he started walking up and down the couch and coffee table holding on tight. With how quickly he picked it up I was very convinced we would have a walking toddler at Christmas.

Recently he has been acting fairly daring and from time to time will let go to grab onto the next piece of furniture. Last night he took a step from one of the couches right into mommy’s arms! Of course that meant we had to practice over and over again! In the end he took about 4 steps in a row, each time landing a giant hug from mommy.

While he isn’t fully walking quite yet it was exciting to share the moments just with our little family. I was very convinced his first step would be when I was not around! I was so happy he saved it for me!

Even luckier he will be toddling around just in time for his Christmas present from daddy… His first pair of Air Jordan’s!

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