A New Millennium

Big FootYou know were gonna party like it’s 199.. wait hold up it was! ok, LAME! sorry, I’ve been wanting to say that all year! hehe (that was another corny joke)

Anyway, this picture is of me the day after I sprained my ankle. I was at a yearbook meeting and the photographer wanted pictures of the editors in chief so she took one of me and got my big foot in it, I just thought I’d share it!

How did I spend my new years? Well I had fun.

The little boys I was babysitting kept me awake. At midnight we ran outside and screamed HAPPY NEW YEAR! Then woke up the little girl who was terrified, she was shaking so hard you could see it across the room, poor girl.

What else is going on, I CAN’T WAIT TO GET BACK TO THE GYM! LoL. I’m bored, hope everyone had a good new year!


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