I Have Weird Friends

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SCHOOL IS FINALLY OUT! YAY! PARTY! WOHOO! Ok, Just a little too excited. I’m really happy though, anyway, so whats up with everyone. I was putting up the Halloween dance pictures today and looking at them, I really love that pic of Molly and Nic, it’s sooo adorable, oh well, they broke up.

Anyway, I had a fun night. My mom got a new computer, IT’S AWESOME!

Also, we had fun at this orf instruments thing that I’m in. We play recorder and stuff. Tonight we put together a song that we pretty much mixed our self. It sounds awesome. There’s six of us! Between all of us it sounds good. One of the guys in our group just finished his first cd, it’s sooo cool. He wrote some songs on it and did remix’s of others.


I think I figured out whats going on with Zoe and Ally. I guess lately Zoe hasn’t been too nice to anyone. Allyson, has totally changed, she is now going out with someone (TOTALLY AMAZING) this is a girl who last year totally hated boys and this year still wouldn’t dance with them. Man, I have weird friends. 

There is a chance I’m getting a domain! YAY! It is going to be itzonline.com. That way I can incorporate Gymnastics, Hanson, ‘N Sync, and BSB into it. Cool huh?

Anyway, I gotta get going, I wanna do some updates to WFG, only I don’t have any ideas. UGG! Oh well. I will hopefully know more about the domain tomorrow!


Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links.

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