AFS France 2003 – 06.23.2003

Hey all,
So I leave in 1 day for New York… and then 4 days from now I’ll be in Paris. 6 days from now I will be with my family… holy hippos. lol… I’m so incredibly excited for this! It seems like only yesterday we were eating at the top of the Eiffel Tower in November… or that i called my parents and said “HEY MOM AND DAD GUESS WHERE I AM, IM STANDING UNDER THE EIFFEL TOWER!” Wow, I am so excited… today my parents had a going away party for me… it was fun 🙂

I was getting pretty nervous… until today’s sermon at church… the title was “Your an Original” and I could have only guessed where P. Bill was going with it… He talked about being open to new experiences, making the best out of things, and never looking back saying you wish something would’ve come out differently… and that in the end… everything will turn out just like God had planed it… and that made me feel a lot less nervous…

À bientôt,

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